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The review of a valued image candidate or a valued image set candidate eventually leads to one of three possible results: promoted, declined or undecided. The specific outcome is governed by the promotion rules, which also establish the minimum time periods the nomination is still open for further reviews. Once the result is clear, the nomination can be closed.

Who can close a nomination?Edit

Any registered user is allowed to close nominations provided these closure rules are followed. Please do not close any nomination on which you have voted within the last 48 hours.
Nominations can be closed after a period of 4 or 7 days (4 days for opposed and supported candidates, 7 days for discussed and unassessed ones), but only if more than 48 hours has passed since the last vote (  Support,   Neutral, or   Oppose).

Closing valued image candidatesEdit

Follow the edit link to the VIC awaiting closure and do the following:

1. Summarize the votes by adding the following template at the end of the review parameter:


Where 3 is to be replaced by the number of support votes, and 2 by the number of oppose votes. It results in the following:

Result: 3 support, 2 oppose =>
promoted. -- TheVICloser

2. Change the case-sensitive status parameter to promoted, declined, or undecided depending on the result, i.e.,

When (number of   Support > number of   Oppose)
When (number of   Support=number of   Oppose) (this includes unassessed VICs)
When the nominator has withdrawn (status=withdrawn) the VIC or (number of   Support < number of   Oppose)

3. Save the VIC. On the candidate list the VIC will now appear with a different border color and written status.

4. Wait for the next bot run. The bot runs twice daily at 12:18 and 0:18 UTC. The bot has the responsibility of doing the following actions:

  • Tag the promoted images with {{VI}} on its image page
  • Notify nominators of promoted images on their talk pages
  • Figure out if the image is used on a gallery page with the same name as the scope and tag the image caption with    in that gallery.
  • In other cases unravel which gallery pages the image is used in (if any) and add those to a list to be checked by a human user (step 5)
  • Remove the closed nominations from the candidates list

5. Check the entries Commons:Valued image candidates/tag galleries. If there is an existing gallery, which fits well with the scope, prepend the caption for the image with {{VI-tiny}} and remove the entry from the list.

Closing most valued reviewsEdit

Closing a most valued review is quite similar to the parallel closure of two or more valued image candidates described above. However the score ranking among the candidates is used for executing decision. There are some other differences as mentioned below:

1. State the results of the MVR on the review page of each individual VIC in the MVR at the end of the review parameter (same text is pasted in all VIC pages in the MVR, except for the arrow, which should point to the VIC in question), e.g., at the end of the review parameter on the VIC page for MVRcandidate2.jpg

 1. [[Commons:Valued image candidates/MVRcandidate3.jpg|MVRcadidate3.jpg]]: +2
 2. [[Commons:Valued image candidates/MVRcandidate2.jpg|MVRcandidate2.jpg]]: +1 (current VI within same scope) <--
 3. [[Commons:Valued image candidates/MVRcandidate1.jpg|MVRcandidate1.jpg]]: -1 
 [[:File:MVRcandidate3.jpg]]: Promoted.
 [[:File:MVRcandidate2.jpg]]: Declined and demoted to VI-former. <--
 [[:File:MVRcandidate1.jpg]]: Declined.

2. Update the status parameter to either promoted, undecided or declined depending on the score. That is,

For the VIC with the largest positive score (if any such exists)
For all VICs in an MVR which ended up without a VIC with a positive score larger than all others
If a VIC is promoted all other VICs in the MVR are declined

3. Save each VIC. On the candidate list the VIC will now appear with a different border color and written status.

4. Copy the MVR, i.e.,

=== The scope ===

and paste it into the appropriate monthly log of closed MVRs linked to from Commons:Closed most valued reviews. The monthly logs are placed in year/month subpages, e.g. Commons:Closed most valued reviews/2019/05 for May 2019.

5. Wait for the next maintenance run by VICbot. The VICbot perform the same actions for as the individual VICs (tag image with VI, notify nominator, remove from candidates list).

6. Replace the VI label with the {{VI-former}} template in the ex-VI file page. VICbot doesn't perform this task, so it must be done by hand. The demotion is done simply by changing {{VI|scope|Date and time of nomination|subpage=<subpage>}} into {{VI-former|<subpage>|scope|~~~~~}}.

7. Remove the ex-VI from the VI gallery by topic in which it is displayed. This task must be done by hand too.

8. Notify the creator and possible editors of the promoted image by using the VICpromoted template. Copy the following to the talk pages of relevant users and fill in the parameters:

== Valued image promotion ==
{{VICpromoted|image name|scope
|review=The review comments
|subpage=VIC subpage if different from image name (optional)
|role=creator|editor|nominator (default)|uploader}}
-- ~~~~

9. For the new VI, don't forget to select a proper topic through the page Commons:Valued images/Recently promoted.

Closing valued image set candidatesEdit

Follow the edit link to the VISC awaiting closure and do the following:

1. Summarize the votes and the result in the review parameter by adding, e.g., (remember prepending space)

 Result: 1 support, 2 oppose =>
 declined. -- ~~~~
which leads to a text like
Result: 1 support, 2 oppose =>
declined. -- TheVISCloser

2. Change the case-sensitive status parameter to promoted, declined, or unassessed depending on the result, i.e.,

When number of   Support > number of   Oppose
When number of   Support=number of   Oppose (this includes unassessed VICs)
When the nominator has withdrawn (status=withdrawn) the VISC or number of   Support < number of   Oppose

3. If the VISC is promoted do the following:

3.1 Add a list of one or more parent categories the resulting VIS gallery shall be associated with using the parent parameter

[[Category:A parent category]]
[[category:Possibly another parent category]]
This information is not used in the candidate page itself, but it is used by the {{VISC-to-VIS-gallery}} in the conversion of a copy of the VISC into a correctly categorized {{VIS-gallery}}

3.2 If the scope parameter contains links, other kinds of special formatting or is too verbose to make Valued image set: <scope> a meaningful title, a shortened title, without formatting shall be specified with the titlescope parameter

|titlescope=A short scope

This parameter is used to automatically generate a link from the VISC review page to the promoted VIS gallery page, and it is also later used in {{VIS}} to automatically link from an image page of an image in a VIS to the VIS gallery.

3.3 (Optional) If the gallery page can link meaningful to other wikimedia projects (and where the parent categories do not link to the same WMF project pages), an optional interwiki parameter can be specified, with a list of links to one or more pages in other WMF projects:

[[da:emnets artikel på dansk]]
[[en:scope article on en]]

3.4 Select all and copy the contents of the edit page, e.g., Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c on Windows.

3.5 Save the VISC. On the set candidate list the VISC will now appear with a different border color and written status. On the review page itself, there will be a red-link to Valued image set: <scope>.

3.6 Create the red-linked page by clicking it, and paste in the copied VISC page. DON'T SAVE - YET

3.7 Now, to convert the valued image set candidate page into a valued image set gallery, replace the existing {{VISC}} and {{VISC-thumb}} template headers (up to the first pipe ("|") character) with a substituted {{VISC-to-VIS-gallery}} gallery. For example, after having copied Commons:Valued image candidates/Thespis into Valued image set: Thespis, opera, the page begins with


which you replace by


3.8 Save the valued image set gallery page. Voilà, the VISC has been converted to a valued image set gallery.

3.9 Add the VIS to the list in Commons:Valued image sets by scope using the {{VIS-scope-link|titlescope}} template.

3.10 For each image in the VIS, tag the image page with {{VIS|VICsubpage|scope|~~~~~|titlescope}}, where the last titlescope parameter should only be specified if it was specified in step 3.2

3.11 Add {{VISCpromoted|VICsubpage|titlescope}} on the nominators talk page, and (optionally) on the uploaders, editors and creators talk pages.

4. After some time, remove the closed candidate from the VISC list. (VICbot doesn't do it.)