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state in Germany
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state in Germany
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Instance of state of Germany
LocationGermany, Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, Germany
Legislative body
Highest judicial authority
  • Constitutional Court of the Free State of Saxony
Head of government
  • 3 October 1990
  • 4,055,274 (31 December 2014)
  • 18,415.66 square kilometre
Elevation above sea level
  • 342 metre
  • Saxony
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Authority control

51° 01′ 36.84″ N, 13° 21′ 32.04″ E

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Freistaat Sachsen -- Free State of Saxony
Districts Saxony
Deutsch: Sachsen ist ein Freistaat in Deutschland mit der Hauptstadt Dresden.

Català: Saxònia és un estat d'Alemanya amb capital a Dresden.
English: Saxony is a Free State in Germany with capital Dresden. The name Saxony is steeped in history, as the homeland of the several Germanic peoples later known as Saxons collectively—and who put the Saxon and Anglo (Angels) in 'Anglo-Saxon', when in pre-Viking times they forcibly migrated and conquered parts of England in the very Early Middle Ages (See categories: Northumbria, Wessex and Mercia), only to later be ravaged and eventually conquered by the Vikings in the Norman Conquest.
  • During the dark times after the fall of Rome, the Saxon's became a unifying force as an enemy of the young Frankish Kingdom in France. This lead gradually to their conquest, the crowning of the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne and the establishment of various principalities in the region with names derived from the Saxons. These political names would drift south and east over the centuries, as dynastic political power moved south and east toward larger cities with natural resources—so in effect the 'German Princes' inherited estates gravitated eastwards as well, so much so, the region known as Saxony in it's day, effectively migrated to the current Federated State (on the other) side of Today's Germany, once just a part of the larger Saxony of the 1600's.
  • Two other German states (both located more closely to the tribal ancestral homelands as reported by Roman sources) are also named after the Saxons, Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt—generally the western part of the Saxony of the Holy Roman Empire) and Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen, encompassing the general area the Romans reported the Tribe occupied)—the latter name's 'Lower' term being a (now dated) reference to the low lying plains region as related to the historiographical term Low Countries, which abuts the region on the West.
Esperanto: Saksio estas federacia lando en la oriento de Germanio. La ĉefurbo estas Dresdeno.
Español: Sajonia es un estado de Alemania. La capital es Dresde.
Français : Le Saxe est un État libre de l'Allemagne avec capitale Dresden.
Magyar: Szászország Németország egyik szövetségi állama. Fővárosa Drezda.
Hornjoserbsce: Saksa je zwjazkowy kraj w Němskej. Hłowne město je Drježdźany.
Plattdüütsch: De Freestaat Sassen is en düütsch Bundsland.
Македонски: Саксонија е слободна покраина Германија. Главен град е Дрезден.
Nederlands: De Vrijstaat Saksen is een deelstaat van Duitsland. De hoofdstad is Dresden.
Norsk bokmål: Sachsen er en delstat i Tyskland med hovedstad Dresden.
Português: A Saxônia é um Estado da Alemanha. Capital: Dresden.
Русский: Саксония является Свободным Государством в Германии со столицей в Дрездене.
Slovenščina: Saška je svobodna država v Nemčiji, njeno glavno mesto je Dresden.
Seeltersk: Saksen is n Buundeslound in Düütsklound.
中文: 萨克森德国的一个自由州,首府为德累斯顿


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