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Non-photographic test casesEdit

Gilray cartoonsEdit

Added text from James Gillray images to page descriptions:

My views on deletionEdit

My views, after seeing Commons talk:Superseded images policy and some deletion requests.

  • I oppose deletion of free images just because there are different versions.
    • different versions may be preferred by different re-users
    • more choice is better than less choice
    • if there are too many in a category, make sub-categories
    • maps having styles different from a particular standard should not be deleted just for that reason
    • chemical compound structures drawn in a non-standard way is not a reason to delete, use sub-categories instead
  • I support adding links to image pages that link the other versions together.
  • I support informing all users of images when an image is being considered for deletion.
  • I support informing all users of images when an image has alternative versions available.
  • I mostly oppose updating images to reflect current changes, unless image title and description make this clear.
  • I support creating derivative versions of images as alternative to uploading and overwriting.
  • I do not like animated GIFs in wikipedia articles but oppose their deletion from Commons: they can be useful sources, and may also need to be kept to provide a licensing "audit trail".
  • I oppose deletion of free images even if they are "wrong" or "contain falsehoods"; instead just rename, source any possible problems, and recategorise.

Converting videosEdit

Experiences converting video to Theora (OGV) on Windows Vista

  •  OK SUPER (software) sometimes works at conversion, but sometimes fails and lacks the configuration of ffmpeg2theora.
  •  OK ffmpeg2theora works with output from "gifsicle --explode". All PNGs must have 100% same size and same palette, otherwise ffmpeg2theora version 0.25 for Windows crashes or miscolours output with the command "ffmpeg2theora-0.25.exe frame_%04d.png -o out.ogv".
  •  OK so far: VLC version 1.0.3 Goldeneye performs most conversions to Theora at reasonable quality, but still has problems with unusual cases, and so far has not been superior to conversion using the ffmpeg2theora command line.
  •   Not OK XnView cannot read OGG files. Minimal version 1.97 downloaded today and tested on several OGG and OGV files: XnView reported it could not read them. XnView also failed to recognize Quicktime MOV files. Note notes "Quicktime 5 required, Windows only" (I do not have QuickTime 5) and it claims it can write APNG, but that format is not available when converting GIFs. It does not list OGG.
  •   Not OK My VirtualDub 1.9.3 with ffdshow does not include a Theora output, despite claims by Wikipedia's Theora
  •   Not OK VLC version 1.0.1 Goldeneye crashes sometimes when converting from AVI to Theora
  •   Not OK VLC version 1.0.3a download attempt gives: Failed to open "C:\r\progs\vlcmedia\vlc103a\" for writing; but that folder is Ok for me to write to. Others get the same problem
  •   Not OK MPC crashes on test videos created by ffmpeg2theora version 0.25
  •   Not OK VirtualDubMod from crashes because it needs corona.dll ([1] suggests downloading mising files from [2] which is now stale; does not have the dlls)
  •   Not OK en:HandBrake fails complaining about no title found, when given a valid AVI. It appears to work only for videos produced for DVD and not for home made AVI movies nor any other kind of input. Also, it crashes with certain UI input.
  • now testing HandBrake 0.9.4. I am uninstalling version 0.9.3 as it failed to read OGG files, and I am now testing 0.9.4. See release notes.

This is a clickable imagemap linking to several astronomical body comparison POV-Ray images, adapted from User:Paul Stansifer's source files at w:en:User:Paul Stansifer/Size comparison:

1 E6 m comparison Mars Mercury Moon Pluto Haumea - Click on the relevant thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: top-left is 1e6m, lower-right is 1e17m. Click on information icon bottom-left for description of image.File:1e7m comparison Uranus Neptune Sirius B Earth Venus.pngFile:1e8m comparison Saturn Jupiter OGLE-TR-122b with Uranus Neptune Sirius B Earth Venus no transparency.pngFile:1e9m comparison Gamma Orionis, Algol B, the Sun, and smaller - antialiased no transparency.pngFile:1e10m comparison Rigel, Aldebaran, and smaller - antialiased no transparency.pngFile:1e11m comparison R Doradus and Betelgeuse, and smaller - antialiased no transparency.pngFile:1e12m comparison Kuiper belt and smaller.pngFile:1e13m comparison Hale Bopp and smaller - HQ no transparency.pngFile:1e14m comparison light day week and month.pngFile:1e15m comparison cat's eye nebula barnard 68 one light year.pngFile:1e16m comparison ten light years bubble nebula.pngFile:1e17m comparison 100 light years nebula clusters.png 
About this image

This is a clickable imagemap linking to several human-scale comparison pages:

This is a clickable imagemap linking to several microscopic-scale comparison pages:

1 E-15m - Click on the relevant thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: left is 1e-15m, right is 1e-8m. Click on information icon bottom-left for description of image.1 E-14 m1 E-13 m1 E-12 m1 E-11 m1 E-10 m1 E-9 m1 E-8 m1 E-7 m 
Clickable image. The thumbnails range left to right from 1e-15m to 1e-7m. (Image description)