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This page serves at gathering information about the current members of the Commons Photographers User Group. All information here is provided on a voluntary basis.

Membership list
Username Date joined Based in Language(s) Main interest(s) Favorite equipment User categories / galleries Other Birthday
Frank Schulenburg 2017-03-14 United States Chico de-N, en-4, fr-3 Nature, travel, and architectural photography; filmmaking Canon 5D Mk IV with Zeiss Milvus lenses You can also find me on YouTube, where I talk about taking photos for Wikipedia (in German) 1969-05-19
Martin Falbisoner 2017-03-14 Cologne and Berlin, sadly not in Flag of Bavaria (lozengy).svg de-N, en-3 archictecture & travel photography Canon 5D Mk III, EF 16-35 4L see here 1978-03-20
Raymond 2017-03-14
Kiril Simeonovski 2017-03-14 Macedonia Skopje mk-N, bg-4, sh-4, en-4, de-3, ru-2 Travel, Architecture, Nature 1990-06-13
Petrovskyz 2017-03-14
Martin Kraft 2017-03-14
Code 2017-03-14
Wilfredor 2006-03-15 Venezuela Venezuela pt-N, es-N, en-3, fr-4 urbaine, reporter, documentaire, protestation Nikon D7200 + 50mm 1.8 I'm from Venezuela and Brazil, however, I'm very lucky to live in the coldest city on the world, Quebec in Canada and mainly contribute to Wiki projects as a photographer and sometimes like programmer. I use a Nikon D7200 with lenses perfects for most purposes. I also use panoramic equipment that makes even wider fields of views possible, especially for churches etc. Feel free to contact me in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish, I love being asked questions or requests or anything.
Freddy2001 2017-03-14
Poco a poco 2017-03-14 Munich, Germany es-N, de-4, en-3, it-2, fr-2, pl-2, pt-1 Architecture, Wildlife, travel, underwater and macro photography Canon 5DS R + Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L + Ikelite underwater housing 200ft My website, more about me and my equipment on Commons.
Jkadavoor 2017-03-15
DerHexer 2017-03-15
Ailura 2017-03-15
Kruusamägi 2017-03-15
Yann 2017-03-15
Colin 2017-03-15
Dschwen 2017-03-15
Marcus Cyron 2017-03-15 Schöneiche, Brandenburg, Germany Germany de-N, en-2,5 Sports, Archaeology, my home area Draft for a Usergroup Sports photography
Godot13 2017-03-17
Charlesjsharp 2017-03-20
King of Hearts 2017-03-21
Kaldari 2017-03-21
George Chernilevsky 2017-03-21 Ukraine Ukraine,

Flag of Vinnycia.svg Vinnytsia
and very often
Flag of Kiev.svg Kyiv

ru-N, uk-3, en-2, de-2, fr-1, bg-1, pl-1 and also can understand many Slavic dialects. I can communicate in writing in almost any language using Google translator. Software engineering, photography Face-smile.svg travel, nature, military museums, transportation, scale models 1:35 Canon EOS 750D and few lens. I prefer Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens A bit more info in my Profile and in Instagram 1967-05-02
Uchup19 2017-04-04
KTC 2017-04-07
PierreSelim 2017-04-09
Juliancolton 2017-04-15
Rhododendrites 2017-04-30 New York New York en-N, es-1 Events, nature, ruins ... almost anything outside of studio Micro four-thirds (currently Olympus OMD EM5 mark ii) main cat
Ragesoss 2017-05-02
Mardetanha 2017-05-02
Another Believer 2017-05-02 Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon, U.S. en-N
TOUMOU 2017-05-02 Tunisia Tunisia Ar-N, Fr-4, En-3 Nature, travel, and architectural photography canon 700d
The Land 2017-05-02
MichaelMaggs 2017-05-02
Dyolf77 2017-05-02 Sayada, and Nabeul in Tunisia En-2, Ar-N, Fr-5, It-1 Aviation, Wildlife, Architecture Check my equipement
Kevin Payravi 2017-05-02
Pyb 2017-05-03
Lionel Allorge 2017-05-03
T Cells 2017-05-03
Jean-Frédéric 2017-05-03
Ziko 2017-05-03
Andycyca 2017-05-03
Pigsonthewing 2017-05-03
Beko 2017-05-03
Indrajitdas 2017-05-06
Ralf Roletschek 2017-05-08 Austria Wien de-N, es-3, cs-2, ru-1, ca-1, fi-1, yua-1 Travel, Architecture, Nature Fujifilm X and DJI Mavic Air All kinds of photos, especially portraits and aerial photos with drone in recent years
Bodhisattwa 2017-05-12
Kaizenify 2017-05-15
Sukanta Pal 2017-05-16
Matthias Süßen 2017-05-29
Bijay chaurasia 2017-07-31
Stefan Fadinger 2017-08-12
Satdeep Gill 2017-08-12
AWossink 2017-08-22
Michael.Kramer 2017-08-22
Jamie Tubers 2017-09-02
Dietmar Rabich 2017-09-05 Germany Dülmen de-N, en-2 Architecture, nature, technical things, travel Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with several lenses Homepage, Lecturer in photography courses, mathematics 1962
MB-one 2017-09-06 Germany Germany de-N, en-3, fr-1, pt-1
Jmabel 2017-09-07
Hamed Gamaoun 2017-09-08 Sousse Tunisia ar-n , fr-4, en-3, de-1 Street Photography, Monuments, Architecture, Nature
Agruwie 2017-09-09
Kwameghana 2017-09-27
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga 2017-10-03
Gangulybiswarup 2017-10-22
Atudu 2017-11-11
Suyash.dwivedi 2017-12-19
B20180 2018-01-07
Flixtey 2018-01-12
Macruzbar 2018-01-15
Yamen 2018-01-19 Lamta Tunisia Tunisia and Paris France ar-n , fr-5, en-5, it-1, ma-1 Heritage, Monuments, Cemeteries ...
Sami Mlouhi 2018-01-31
علاء 2018-02-10
Steschke 2018-02-14
Woman on a mission 2018-02-14
Raboe001 2018-02-15
-revi 2018-02-18
Rehman 2018-02-20 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka en-N, si-3 Energy infrastructure, Fauna, Aerial photography, Astrophotography Nikon P900 See my main userpage, and my uploads by type.
Danidamiobi 2018-02-28
Xabier Cañas 2018-03-23
Afifa Afrin 2018-03-28
NahidSultan 2018-04-13
Satpal Dandiwal 2018-04-21
Sankoswal 2018-05-05
J ansari 2018-08-18
Wikilover90 2018-08-19
Jim.henderson 2018-09-17 EN New York architecture Nikon P190 1948
Tris T7 2018-11-03 Thailand Bangkok, Thailand th-N, en-3 High Resolution Image of Everything, Nature, Plants, Flora, Fauna, Monuments, Events of the year. Nikon D850, Nikon P900 1979
Abdeaitali 2018-11-20
Podzemnik 2018-12-30
PEAK99 2019-01-03
MJJR 2019-01-05
Gopala Krishna A 2019-07-16
El Grafo 2019-07-17
Liridon 2019-07-18 Macedonia Struga, North Macedonia sq-N, mk-4, en-4 Nature, travel, architectural, and underwater photography Nikon D5300, GoPro HERO6 cat
Icem4k 2019-08-02
Sumita Roy Dutta 2019-09-10
Rajeeb 2019-09-13 India Kolkata bn-4, hi-3, en-4 Travel, Architecture, Nature Canon EOS 600D see here
Filipinayzd 2019-09-27
Pierre André 2019-10-01 France Lille fr-N, en-2 Travel, Architecture, Nature Sony_Alpha_NEX-3.- Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V
Ainali 2019-11-10
Rodhullandemu 2020-01-19
T.Bednarz 2020-01-19
Anasskoko 2020-01-21
Daniela Kloth 2020-01-27
Durga 2020-02-25
Nicola 2020-05-28
IM3847 2020-08-03
Moroder 2020-08-16 Italy Urtijëi-South Tyrol de-N, it-N, en-4, fr-2 local monuments Hasselblad X1D Lenses XCD 45 mm and XCD 120 mm
Careerfromhome 2020-08-19
Draceane 2020-09-24 Czechia Prague cs-N, en-3, es-3, de-1, ru-1 Nature (mountains), monuments, long distance observations, macro (plants and fungi), transport structures (bridges), rail transport Canon 1100D + Sigma 17-70mm DC Macro OS HSM C (+occasionally Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro) my uploads, I also contribute with simple SVG graphics
Dey.sandip 2020-10-04 India India en-4, bn-4, hi-2 Travel, Architecture, Street Photography Nikon D90 1977-06-14