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Wikimedia Sweden is a Wikimedia chapter.

Among other activities − detailed on Meta − Wikimedia Sweden supports the Wikimedia Commons project and community in several ways.


Supporting volunteers

Media accreditation

The chapter helps in getting accredited for various events. See this page (in Swedish) for more help. Examples of accreditations:

Privileged access

The chapter negotiates privileged access for photographers to special places and collections, especially related to cultural institutions:

Lending equipment

The chapter has purchased photographic equipment which can be freely borrowed by contributors. Content produced by this equipment can be found in Category:Media created by technology pool of Wikimedia Sverige.

Sample of our technology.

Sponsoring photographic expeditions

Wikimedia Sweden has also sponsored several different photographic expeditions. These include both aerial photography and photo hunts of different kinds.

Encouraging participation

The chapter encourages participation to the Wikimedia projects, through the organisation of photographic rallies or contests like Wiki Loves Monuments:

Opening and sharing free material

The chapter strives to create partnerships with cultural institutions, aiming among other things to help them open and share their public domain collections. As a direct result of these efforts 258,989 files have been made available on Wikimedia Commons.

The category for partnerships is Category:Partnerships with Wikimedia Sverige.

A few figures

Wikimedia Sweden has already supported the creation of 18,094 media. Among those: