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Bot help and list · Requests to operate a bot · Requests for work to be done by a bot  · Requests for batch uploads
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What's ae bot?

Ae bot is aen autæmated program that carries oot repetiteeve tasks that wid be awfa borin tae dae bi haun. Maist bots ar leemitit in the scope o thair operations n concentrate oan cleanin up in ae speceefeec aurie.

Some bots rin oan the Tuil Labs, while ithers rin oan thair operater's computer.

Permeession fer tae run ae bot

Aw bots rinning oan Wikimedia Commons maun hae aforegaun permeession fer tae dae sae. Permeession is needit whather or no the bot needs ae bot flag.

The yinlie permeessions that ar tae be grauntit wil be the tasks that ar leetit in the bot request (tasks can be sommwhit general lik "uplaidin eemages" or "makin localisation chynges tae the Information template"). Bots maunna be uised tae carrie oot differant tasks that permeession haesna been grauntit fer. Mind ye, bot operaters ar no expectit tae re-applie ilka time thay want tae implemant ae smaw chynge, bit gif the bot's functionalitie haes been chynged tae carrie oot some signeefeecant new task than ae new request shid be filed. Tae speir fer permeession tae rin ae bot, please gang tae Commons:Bots/Requests.

Bot accoonts

Bots maun be rin fae ae separate uiser accoont fae that uised fer general eeditin bi the bot operater. In order tae identifie the accoont aes ae bot accoont, the uisername shid normallie incluid the waird "Bot".

The contreebutions o ae bot accoont remain the responsibeelitie o its operater, wha maun be easalie identifiable oan its uiser page. Uplaid bots ar expectit tae supplie correct licensin information n categerisation (ilka file maun belang tae at least yin categerie that describes its content or function). The bot operater is responsible fer the timlie repair o onie damage caused bi ae bot that operates wranglie. Bot operaters maun ensair that thay mak thairsels available fer dealin wi uiser speirins relatin tae the bot, n that thay fix onie identified bugs in guid time. Bot operaters ar encooraged tae uise ae secure login method.

Bot accoonts shidna be uised fer contreebutions that'r no oan the leet o the bot's designatit tasks. In pairteeculair, bot operaters shidna uise ae bot accoont tae respond tae messages relatit tae the bot. Bot operaters micht wish tae reguide ae bot accoont's tauk page tae thair ain.

Semi-autæmatit tuils (e.g. Javascript tuils) ar no normallie considert tae be bots n dinna need thair ain accoont, bit some uisers chuise tae uise ae differt accoont fer non-bot bit hei-speed eeditin.

Information aneat bots

The bot's uiser page shid identeefie the bot aes ae bot, preferablie uisin the {{Bot}} template. The follaein information shid be clearlie providit oan that page, or oan ae page that airts tae it. Please mak sair that ye'v leetit aw o this information afore speirin fer bot permeession.

  • Wha the creauter/operater is n hou thay can best be contactit
  • Details o the bot's job or jobs
  • Whather the bot is manuallie asseestit or rins autæmateeclie
  • Whan it operates (conteenuislie, intermeettantlie, or at speceefied intervals)
  • The bot's mucklest eedit rate (e.g. eedits per minute)
  • The leid n/or program that it's rinnin.

Bot speed

Bot operaters shid recognise that ae bot makin monie speirins or eeditin at ae hei speed haes ae faur muckler effect than the average contreebuter. Bots shid thaurfore be conservateeve in thair eeditin speed. Ae bot daein non-urgent jobs shidna eedit mair frequantlie than yince ilka 5 seiconts. Bots that dae urgent jobs, lik revertin vandaleesm, can eedit faster. Onflagged bots shid eedit mair slawlie than flagged bots aes thair eedits ar veesible in watchleets, n hei-speed eeditin will swamp ither uisers' leets.

Bot flag

Some bit na aw bots can be flaggit wi the bot flag. The effect o the flag is tae skauk bot eedits fae uiser watchleets, recynt chynges n new eemages leets. This staps thir leets fae bein swampt bi bot eedits, pairteeculairlie whaur the bot maks ae muckle nummer o eedits n/or uplaids ower ae leemitit period. The bot flag can be remuivd cause o nae acteevitie ower the past while.

The bot flag is effecteevelie ae statement o communitie lippinin, n confirms that the bot's eedits ar no liklie tae need manual checkin.

The blockin o bots

Onie admeen can block ae bot -wioot the autaeblock optie set- that's misbehavin gif the operater is no immediatelie available fer tae haunnle the proablem. In preenciple, aen onappruived bot can be blockt, awthoo in practice onless the bot is daein harm the operater shid normallie be speired tae haun in ae retrospecteeve bot speirin. Gif it's seen that ae bot is bein uised fer jobs that ar signeefeecantlie differant fae thae speceefied in the oreeginal bot speirin, the bot operater shid be speired tae mak ae new bot speirin that speceefies the new jobs.

Annooncemants fer tae uplaid bots

Gif ye uplaid uisin yer bot or affer yer bot tae third pairties fer tae uplaid, than bi defaut, ye'll receeve annooncemants aneat deleetion speirins etc. at yer bot's tauk page, or gif ye reguidit this tauk page tae yer uiser page, ye'll receeve thaim at yer ain uiser page. Gif the third pairtie shidd receeve thir messages or nae messages ar sent tae yer bot's tauk page at aw, please leet yer bot accordinglie at MediaWiki:Gadget-libCommons.js or speir somebodie tae dae this uisin {{Eedit speirin}} at the tauk page n airt back tae this paragraph: [[Commons:Bots/sco#Notifications to upload bots]].

Bot Libries

Bots can be wrutten in awmaist onie programmin leid. The choice o ae leid aften depends upo the expereeance o the bot writer, whit leids that thay'r fameeliar wi, or oan the availabeelitie o pre-deveelipt libries fer tae dae the job wanted. The follaein leet inclaedes twa-three libries fer tae asseest wi bot jobs.

Uisefu bots that ye can speir serveeces o

  • ArchiverBot - autæmateeclie airchives tauk pages.
  • SpBot - autæmateecie airchives tauk pages.
  • CommonsDelinker - can be commaundit tae universallie replace eemages; muiv/rename/eik categeries.
  • Rotatebot rotates picturs that haud the template {{Rotate}}
  • UploadStatsBot - Keep the nummer o yer uplaidit, owerwrutten n deletit files, n yer eedit coont up-tae-date.

Acteeve bots

Active bots

Service bots Providing services on request to any user, via a standard request system


File upload


User assistants

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