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Estonian architects and the Public DomainEdit

w:et:Kasutaja:Mardus/Eesti arhitektide tabel — Several incomplete tables of mostly Estonian architects, their years of death, whether their works are Public Domain or not, and on which year a late architect's work can be expected to become Public Domain. The list is incomplete and does not take works for hire into consideration. The tables should help in deciding the copyright status of some photos depicting works of architecture located in Estonia (by and large).


What I do and areas of interest in Commons: Commons:Screenshots

User page: What's new in Firefox 1.5 — or how to tell a difference between Firefox 1.0 and 1.5.
  • Wrote a small treatise on why screenshots with Firefox Personas are not addmisible to Commons; which Personas have more-or-less free imagery (ish), and which Personas can be used and what to do about the whole situation.


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