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To doEdit

  • find a way to replace and delete Imagen25(1).jpg (two puppies being chummy)
  • fix clumsy blur job on Drever NUCh Tanjo.jpg
  • increase tick size on Icon ticked.gif, also increase spot size on the dalmatian version
  • find following rose cultivars images:
Superwanted roses (+10)
Requested roses

What I DoEdit

  • prune categories:
  • remove redundant cats
  • add relevant cats
  • create new cats to clean up large heterogenic cats
  • move files from supcat to subcat
  • watch and maintain categories and files related to
  • 2 yr old Dalmatian.jpg -- tail
  • Bomber vom Wolfsheim.jpg -- ears
  • Burka5.jpg -- body
  • Hundaræktunarsýning október 2009 049.jpg -- paws

To DoEdit

Category:Geisha costume

Fine shotsEdit

Remove watermark?Edit

To be removed?
Other notable improvements

Fine vs pleasureEdit

To the block!Edit

Best animalsEdit

File:A View of Venice Thomas Moran 1895.jpeg

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