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Commons:Éischt Schrëtt/Fichieren eroplueden

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Need help with uploading files? Ask my question

When you want to add an image to Wikipedia or donate it to our collection, you have to upload it to our site and give us some information about the image. An esou geet et:

Hëllef ier Dir ufänkt

  • Dir musst de Fichier vum Bild dat Dir eropluede wëllt op Ärem Computer hunn.
  • Dir braucht e Benotzerkont op Wikipedia oder Wikimedia Commons fir Fichieren eropzelueden.

Aloggen E Benotzerkont opmaachen

Wat kann ech eroplueden?

Understand what kinds of uploads Wikimedia Commons can accept.

Images that you upload to Wikimedia Commons have to be educational and freely licensed. While "educational" may be a vague category, "freely licensed" is quite specific:

  • We can accept most images that you create entirely by yourself, so long as your image does not itself depict another copyrighted work. Beispiller »

Mir kënne Biller akzeptéieren, déi een, eppes oder eng Iddi duerstellen (fir Formatioun, wéi de Gebruauch op Wikipedia)

  • We cannot accept images created or inspired by others without their express permission (verified via our OTRS system).
  • We cannot accept any image which is not freely licensed or clearly in the public domain— most images found on the Web are not freely licensed and will be quickly deleted from Commons.

Mir kënne keng perséinlech Fotoen akzeptéieren a mir si kee Webhosting-Service.

Méi wëssen »

E Bild eroplueden

Fir Fichieren op Wikimedia Commons eropzeluede, benotzt den Assistent fir Fichieren eropzelueden.

Fir unzefänken
Gitt op den Assistent fir Fichieren eropzelueden op Wikimedia Commons. You can always get to it from the Upload file link in the menu on the left.

Benotzt d'Illustratioun op der éischter Säit fir ze verstoen ob Wikimedia Commons Är Fichieren akzeptéiere kann

Wann Dir prett sidd fir eropzelueden, klickt Virun um Ënn vun der Säit.
Klickt Select media files to share and find the image or images you want to upload from your computer.

Licensing your file
Klickt Virufueren and select the options that apply to your upload, as prompted. Wann Dir fäerdeg sidd, klickt Virun. Méi Informatiounen »

Organiséiert a beschreift de Fichier deen Dir eropgelueden hutt
Enter a title for the image. Use plain, descriptive language. Then enter a description of the image and the date it was created.
Help organize Wikimedia Commons by assigning categories to your file. When you are done, click Next.

Duerno, gëtt Äre Fichier deen Dir eropgelueden hutt publizéiert an d'Eroplueden ass ofgeschloss.

Fir méi ze wëssen

Wikimedia Commons Säiten:


Please visit Commons:Help desk if you need to ask questions about uploading files.
Only upload freely licensed or public domain content. Fair use is not allowed on Wikimedia Commons. (help)
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