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Need help with uploading files? Ask my question

Whan ye want tae eik aen eemage tae Wikipaedia or donate it tae oor collection, ye hae tae uplaid it tae oor steid n gie us some information aneatt the eemage. Here's hou:

Halp afore ye begin

  • Ye need tae hae the eemage file that ye want tae uplaid oan yer computer.
  • Ye need aen accoont oan Wikipeadia or Wikimedia Commons fer tae uplaid files.

Log in Creaute an accoont

Whit mey Ah uplaid?

Unnerstaun whit kinds o uplaids that Wikimedia Commons can accept.

Eemages that ye uplaid tae Wikimedia Commons hae tae be educational n freelie licensed. While "educational" micht be ae vague categerie, "freelie licensed" is vera speceefeec:

  • We can accept maist o the eemages that ye creaute aw oan yer ain, sae lang aes yer eemage disna depeect anither capierichten waurk itsel. Exaumples »
  • We can accept eemages creauted bi ither fawk aes lang aes the capiericht hauder o that eemage is happie tae license/ haes awreadie licensed it freelie.
  • We canna accept eemages creauted or inspired bi ithers wioot thair expressit permeession (verified bi wa o oor OTRS system).
  • We canna accept onie eemage that's no freelie licensed or clearlie in the publeec domain— maist eemages that ar foond oan the Wab ar no freelie licensed n will be deletit fae Commons quick smart.
  • Commons is no ae reposeeterie fer yer personal photaes— we'r no ae wab haistin serveece lik Facebook or Pinterest, n aw o oor eemages maun hae potential educational uiss. Learn mair »

Uplaidin aen eemage

Fer tae uplaid files tae Wikimedia Commons, uise the Uplaid Warlock.

Gettin stairtit
Gang tae the Uplaid Warlock oan Wikimedia Commons. Ye can aye get tae it wi the Uplaid file airtin in the menu at the cair.

Uise the pictur oan the first page fer tae unnerstaun whather Wikimedia Commons can accept yer uplaid.

Whan ye'r readie tae uplaid, clap Nex naur the end o the page.
Clap Select media files fer tae shair n find the eemage or eemages that ye want tae uplaid fae yer computer.

Licensin yer file
Clap Conteenue n select the opties that applie tae yer uplaid, aes ye'r promptit. Whan ye'r duin, clap Nex. Mair information »

Organizin n describin yer uplaid
Enter ae title fer the eemage. Use plain, descreepteev language. Than enter ae descreeption o the eemage n the date that it wis creautit.
Halp tae organize Wikimedia Commons bi assignin categeries tae yer file. Whan ye'r duin, click Nex.

Efter this, yer uplaid will be publeeshed n compleat.

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Please visit Commons:Help desk if you need to ask questions about uploading files.
Only upload freely licensed or public domain content. Fair use is not allowed on Wikimedia Commons. (help)
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