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Nuvola Egyptian flag.svg These are the finalists for WSC2017 in Egypt.

This country had a specific national organizer but not a national coordination page.



  • This country has a category for its files, other files from there might have been uploaded after the local deadline and moved to the 2017 international category if such deadline was still valid.
  • As of now, the files in the local category uploaded within the local deadline are 52, with 25 obviously unsuitable files.
  • Uploaders statistics are available here.

Specific classes of filesEdit


  •   -   Osama Shukir Muhammed AMIN (medicine)
  •   -   Penny RICHARDS (social science)
  •   -  /  Mascha STROOBANT (biology)
  • the selection lasted from 2018-02-04 to 2018-02-19.
  • the results were published on 2018-04-24


No information about prefinalists was given in this case.


People in scienceEdit

1st national finalist
Gallery of of drawings of leading historians at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.

Microscopy imagesEdit

1st national finalist
Three-dimensional graph of a brain.

Non-photographic mediaEdit

  no finalist was selected due to lack of candidates

Image setsEdit

1st national finalist
Black mold (rhizopus sp) spores, observed using a light microscope.
Ramy algayar

  sets of images reconstructed by the organizers

General categoryEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Longitudinal section of human tooth.
Mohamed A.M. Ahmed
Orange oranda goldfish.