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Nuvola Spain flag.svg These are the finalists for WSC2017 in Spain.

This country-level selection had a specific national organizer (Rubén Ojeda) and a national coordination page.



Specific classes of filesEdit


The selection of the winners was performed by the local jury, formed by:

Second finlaists were added by the intenrational organizers

  •   -  /  Alessandro MARCHETTI (chemistry)
  •   -   Ingrid PRANDI (chemistry)
  •   -  /  Mascha STROOBANT (biology)
  • The selection lasted from 2018-05-22 to 2018-05-23.
  • The results were published on 2018-06-12.


People in scienceEdit

1st national finalist
Fragment of a chemical reaction between cellulose nanocrystals and 2- [6-isocyantohexylaminocarbonyl amino) -6-methyl-4 [1 H] pyrimidione (UPy-NCO) with procedure and solvents.
  National winner

Microscopy imagesEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Onion cells.
  National winner
Taste buds from mouse's tongue stained with Mallory Tricromic, using Optical microscopy.
Ana Marcos
  This file was added by the second-level jury
3rd national finalist
Studio stack of a found dead Dorcus parallelipipedus.
Sebastián J.L
  This file was added by the second-level jury

Non-photographic mediaEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
A water drop is released onto a superhydrophobic surface. It bounces several times (22) due to the extremely low adhesion between drop and surface, until its energy vanishes.
Pablo F Ibáñez Ibáñez
  National winner
Water drop slides very easily on tilted surface (<2º), due to its superhydrophobic behavior.
Pablo F Ibáñez Ibáñez
  This file was added by the second-level jury

Image setsEdit

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
A midwife's hand checking the cervical dilation prior to childbirth / A newborn's head, visible during a side-lying childbirth / Vernix caseosa on a seconds-old newborn / Cutting of the umbilical cord, placenta still undelivered / Minutes-old newborn, in its first skin-to-skin contact
  National winner
Several fases of a Moon eclipse.
  This file was added by the second-level jury
  This file cannot be accepted for the international selection due to small watermark

General categoryEdit

1st national finalist
A 7mm parasitic bee. In this case Anthidiellum strigatum, parasitizing exclusively on Stelis signata.
Sebastián J.L