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General category winner People in Science winner
A 7mm parasitic bee. In this case Anthidiellum strigatum, parasitizing exclusively on Stelis signata. Sebastián J.L Fragment of a chemical reaction between cellulose nanocrystals and 2- [6-isocyantohexylaminocarbonyl amino) -6-methyl-4 [1 H] pyrimidione (UPy-NCO) with procedure and solvents. Ancoay
Microscopy images winner Winner of non-photographic media
Onion cells. Laurararas A water drop is released onto a superhydrophobic surface. It bounces several times (22) due to the extremely low adhesion between drop and surface, until its energy vanishes. Pablo F Ibáñez Ibáñez
Image set winner #1 Image set winner #2
A midwife's hand checking the cervical dilation prior to childirth. Llapissera A newborn's head, visible during a side-lying childbirth. Llapissera
Image set winner #3 Image set winner #4
Vernix caseosa on a seconds-old newborn. Llapissera Cutting of the umbilical cord, placenta still undelivered. Llapissera
Image set winner #5
Minutes-old newborn, in its first skin-to-skin contact. Llapissera