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Name: Unspecified
Species: Unspecified
Gender: Male
Age: About 5 years-13.8 billion years
Home planet: Earth
Political position: On the spectrum
The userboxes below describe me better than anything else on my profile, but don't bother to look at them.

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About meEdit

Hey there! I'm a student who really loves Wikipedia. Like you, I live on Earth (if you don't live on Earth, welcome to our world)! I am made mostly of water, as well as various hydrocarbons. I have complex and unique strands of DNA, which determines who I am. My main interests are geography, science, and music. I'm glad to help with anything Wikipedia-related. I play piano very well; having been playing for nine years now. In fact, I performed at the Kennedy Center a few years ago! I'm a big fan of trivia. If you've ever heard of Sporcle, I have an account and am very active. Check me out at 31415926535!

My username!Edit

My username, 1618033golden, comes from the golden ratio (φ), which is approximately 1.618033989... It was originally going to be 31415926535, but, unfortunately, it was already taken! As you can see, I love math.

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