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(copied from my EN.Wiki page.)

"When you have to retweet your shitty pseudo-thinkpiece three times because no one cares." -Katherine Maher, CEO Wikimedia,[1]


The way the WMF have handled the WP:FRAM situation has been appalling and the CEOs response to the Buzzfeed article has been utterly appalling too,

I no longer want to be a part of a project where the organisation thinks it's fine to office-ban long standing editors/admins over what I would consider to be a minor issue (Ofcourse we don't know the full facts however I'm going by what I know ... which in all fairness like everyone else here isn't a lot.),

I've always respected WMF-office bans as has everyone here but blocking a long standing admin for a YEAR and then not explaining why other than a bullshit boiler plate response is not on in my eyes,

Until the WMF fix the mess they've created and seriously change their approach to things I shan't be editing any image

Right now I've all but lost faith in the Wikimedia Foundation.

(I'm aware I have images in categories that need sorting however those will all get done once the WMF get their act together and change their approach to things - I would kindly ask that no one categories my images as I do things in a certain order), Thanks ––Davey2010Talk 00:42, 29 June 2019 (UTC)