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Please add Oriental Dragon Day image pleaseEdit

Hi Ahecht, Can you please upload some images of the Oriental Dragon from with the permission of the authors Please!

Thank you, Angelgreat (talk) 9:02, 13 June 2016 (CST)

Thank youEdit

Please rotate images pleaseEdit

Hi Ahecht, Thank you for rotating File:MS Melody (4190594234).jpg, so can you please rotate some images that I requested to be rotated please! Here are the photos I want rotated, can you please rotate them.

File:Burning Sky Cruise Ship (5638749068).jpg

File:Burning Sky Cruise Ship (5638749068).jpg

File:Emerald barbados (4331544685).jpg

File:Emerald barbados (4331544957).jpg

File:Emerald barbados (4332282732).jpg

File:MS Carnival Triumph (4197455169).jpg

File:MS Club Med 2 MS Pacific MS Constellation (4198451496).jpg

File:MS Columbus Caravelle (4427242329).jpg

File:MS R Three in Papeete Tahiti (4532306768).jpg

File:MS Radisson Diamond (5653966347).jpg

File:Simple pleasures. - - 1184917.jpg

File:The "Albatros" at Belfast - - 923333.jpg

Sincerely, Angelgreat (talk) 21:00, 22 July 2016 (CST)

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