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File: Tachypompilus unicolor.jpgEdit

This file was licensed for use under Creative Commons 4.0, according to the licence information on I am not going to request a reversal of your decisions regarding the three images I uploaded on 2 September but I would like a fuller explanation, the other two images had Creative Common 3.0 licences.

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Quetzal1964 (talk • contribs) 06:25, 03 September 2016 (UTC)

Read through the licences and I understand, no need for a response.

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Quetzal1964 (talk • contribs) 06:39, 3 September 2016 (UTC)

Notification about possible deletionEdit

Some contents have been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the community can discuss whether they should be kept or not. We would appreciate it if you could go to voice your opinion about this at their entry.

If you created these pages, please note that the fact that they have been proposed for deletion does not necessarily mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It simply means that one person believes that there is some specific problem with them, such as a copyright issue.

Please remember to respond to and – if appropriate – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will not affect the result of the nomination. Thank you!

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Yours sincerely, Abzeronow (talk) 22:45, 27 January 2019 (UTC)

Category:Guillaume DheullandEdit

I am curious why you moved all the files from Category:Guillaume Dheulland to the new Category:Guillaume d'Heulland, when the BnF [1] has specifically rejected that spelling (found in Benezit)? He himself spelled it Dheulland on this signed engraving, as well as on numerous other signed engravings: e.g., 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. --Robert.Allen (talk) 07:27, 1 March 2019 (UTC)

@Robert.Allen: I may very well be wrong, and if so, worry not, it is fixable. I was merging duplicates on Wikidata and chose what I thought made sense. I made a good faith effort to create a category and before noticing the previously existing one. VIAF indicates just about every conceivable permutation, from "Guillaume Dheulland" to "Guillaume d'Heuland", so you can see how uncertainty can arise. I was actually intending to ask someone fluent in French to look into it, as I don't read or speak French. If Dheulland is the winner, I'll move everything back.--Animalparty (talk) 07:40, 1 March 2019 (UTC)
I would vote for keeping his name Dheulland, per the main French library (the BnF), the signed engravings, and the majority of other identity files at VIAF (listed under "Preferred Forms"). The entry at the Library of Congress follows Benezit, which they cite, but the BnF, also cites Benezit and specifically rejects that spelling of the name. --Robert.Allen (talk) 10:00, 1 March 2019 (UTC)

Why do you think Commons has quality control?Edit

It doesn't. They'll keep *anything*, even complete and utter shoite, because of some compulsive image hoarding thing.Tony May (talk) 17:23, 8 April 2019 (UTC)

@Tony May: I'm not sure what exactly you are talking about, or why you asked me. You seem to be upset that other people have uploaded photographs of trains that you dislike. Are you concerned these might detract from the photographs of trains that you've uploaded? Having some redundant or less-than-stellar images is par for the course: we don't have a staff of professional photographers out to document everything on earth. No one is obligated to use any image they don't like. If you can point to a clear example of "utter shoite", and make a solid case for why it qualifies for Commons:Deletion policy, have at it. Personally I find my time is better spent in creating rather than taking away. Cheers, --Animalparty (talk) 18:42, 8 April 2019 (UTC)


Dear Oudus,

I am coordinating the publication of a new textbook of zoology (in Italian) and I wonder whether it is possible to use your picture published in

In the case, you will be credited for it. Thank you in advance for your attention.

Best regards Loriano

-- Loriano T. Ballarin, Associate Professor of Zoology Dipartimento di Biologia, Università di Padova Via U. Bassi 58/B, 35100 Padova - Italy Tel.: +39 049 827 6197 Fax: +39 049 827 6199 Email: Website: —Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 12:14, 24 April 2019 (UTC)

@ Dear Professor Ballarin: While you correctly identified Oudus as the author of File:Whip_Scorpion_body_(9672115742).jpg, I am not Oudus: the Flickr user Oudus created the photograph, and published it on Flickr under the CC BY 2.0 license, I merely transferred it to Commons for reuse. As stated in the file's Licensing section, you are free to copy, distribute, adapt, and transmit the work, without needing additional permission, so long as attribution is given. See the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 description for more details on the license, and Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia and Commons:Credit line for guidelines on how to reuse material and credit the author: Note that in the case of this image, Wikimedia Commons (this website) is not the original source of the image, it's merely a host to a copy. Cheers, --Animalparty (talk) 17:13, 24 April 2019 (UTC)


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