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Commons:Quyền truy cập của thành viên

This page is a translated version of a page Commons:User access levels and the translation is 25% complete. Changes to the translation template, respectively the source language can be submitted through Commons:User access levels and have to be approved by a translation administrator.

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Nhóm thành viên

Thành viên chưa đăng kí sử dụng định danh bằng địa chỉ IP

Thành viên chưa đăng kí sử dụng định danh bằng địa chỉ IP không thể tải tập tin lên, nhưng có thể thực hiện phần lớn các tác vụ sửa đổi khác.

AbuseFilter/105 (as proposed in Commons:Administrators' noticeboard/Archive 39#Proposed Change of Rules) prevents some page creation by anonymous users. The relevant MediaWiki message is MediaWiki:Abusefilter-warning-new-pages-by-anon-users.

  • Khi thành viên chưa đăng kí sử dụng định danh bằng địa chỉ IP tạo tài khoản, họ có thể tạo trang mới.
  • Only page creation is prevented. Edits to existing pages are possible.
  • Talk namespaces are not affected (they can be created by IPs).
  • IPs can create category-pages, timed-text and deletion request subpages.

Registered users

See also: Commons:Users

Autoconfirmed users

See also: Commons:Autoconfirmed users

Bảo quản viên

See also: Commons:Administrators

Hành chính viên

See also: Commons:Bureaucrats

Tiếp viên

See also: Meta:Stewards

Specialised rights

Lùi sửa

See also: Commons:Rollback

Tuần tra

See also: Commons:Patrol


See also: Commons:File mover

GWToolset users

See also: Commons:GWToolset users

License reviewers

See also: Commons:License review

OTRS members (removed)

See also: Commons:OTRS members

This flag used to be given to all admins. However not all admins are OTRS members so in about mid-2012, Special:AbuseFilter/69 was changed so that users who do not have the OTRS flag have their OTRS edits marked in the history logs as "(OTRS permission added by non-OTRS member)". This will occur even if a valid OTRS member adds OTRS templates to files but that member has not been given the OTRS flag yet.

Kiểm định viên

See also: Commons:Checkusers


See also: Commons:Oversighters

Account creators

See also: Commons:Account creators

Các cờ khác


See also: Commons:Bots

IP block exemptions

See also: Commons:IP block exemption

Upload Wizard campaign editors

See also: Commons:Upload Wizard campaign editors

Requesting permissions

Most rights are requested at Commons:Requests for rights. Admin, bureaucrat, checkuser and oversight rights are requested at Commons:Requests and votes. Steward rights are handled at meta.wikimedia (stewards).

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