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My Wikipedia user page is at en:User:Timeshifter.


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My first contribution on the Commons was on August 15, 2006.

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About meEdit

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Just another guy with a PC.

You are at my Wikimedia commons user page. My Wikipedia user page is at en:User:Timeshifter

My userboxes: User:Timeshifter/Userboxes

  This user prefers to occasionally not stay mellow.


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Economics 101. And Wikipedia and the Commons need more charts and graphsEdit

Return to top. See: US map from the Department of Labor. Scroll over states on that map to see exact minimum wage by state. Or see list here.

I support a neutral point of view (en:WP:NPOV) in Wikipedia articles.

Running an economy is simple. The free market concentrates wealth. So progressive taxation is a necessity. Along with a living minimum wage. If money is constantly recycled, then people have money to spend, the economy works, and unemployment is low. Also, there is less crime, and less spending for police, courts, and prisons. Handguns are unnecessary. Government spending should be kept to a minimum. So more money goes to individuals to keep the economy running. Exceptions are things such as food stamps, workfare, welfare, family planning, and single-payer universal healthcare. Single-payer universal healthcare is the most efficient. No one should starve or be unhealthy. The planet should not be overpopulated. See related charts and resources:

First chart is for population growth (actual and projected):


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Picture of the DayEdit

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Picture of the day
On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 left Earth to put the first men on the Moon

Media of the DayEdit

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Media of the day
In Turkey, a government-imposed block in place since April 2017 has meant that 80 million people can no longer access or participate in free knowledge, while the rest of the world is left without the opportunity to learn from, share, and understand the perspectives of the people of Turkey on Wikipedia. #WeMissTurkey #Wikipedia

JS and CSS customizationEdit

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Overall customization of this wiki:

User customization:

See: MediaWiki talk:Gadget-search-new-tab.js -this search gadget allows the search result list to open in a new tab by pressing Ctrl (PC) or  Command (Mac) while submitting. To activate go to the gadget tab of your preferences: Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets - under "Interface: Other".

See my JS file to see some other gadgets that have been activated for me: User:Timeshifter/common.js
These are in addition to the gadgets activated in my preferences.

See my CSS file to see some changes made for me: User:Timeshifter/common.css

For example;

/* Height of wikitext editing window */
textarea {height:15em}