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Ambox outdated serious.svg建议更新:参见Commons:Language policy和其讨论页(2009年11月4日)。



I have tried here to summarize the various ideas expressed here and elsewhere, as well as what is actually "happening" now that we've launched the project and are practising it. Take it more as a state of the Commons than as a policy. Please, amend, change, overwrite, add information where needed. However, it would be grand if we could keep discussions on the talk page so as to keep this as tidy as possible and make it a real policy in the long run. I have tried to link to specific sections on the talk page. notafish }<';> 00:57, 21 Dec 2004 (UTC)




Please see talk page -Name of files for discussion.

  • Media files can be uploaded with whatever name.
ex. diezauberflote.jpg is as valid as lafluteenchantee.jpg
It is best if the title of the media file is meaningful whichever language is chosen.
please add here possible restrictions concerning file names due to software restrictions


Please see talk page -titles of articles for discussion.

Glossary :

  • Main article : the article that will contain all media files on a subject
  • Redirect : redirect from one language to the main article
  • Disambiguation : a page listing articles that would otherwise have the same name.

The language used for titles of main articles has to be defined (see proposals in table below), but when a consensus has been reached the following applies :

  • Interwikis to the different wikipedias should be used whenever possible in the article, so as to allow the research engine to find the name in the desired language.
  • Anyone can create redirects from their own language to the main article page
  • Anyone can add a description on the main article page in their own language. For an example of a multilingual article, see Concave mirror.
proposed amendment : the numerous descriptions should not impeed the legibility of the article, ie. the media files presented in the articles don't appear after three pages of description. One language should be chosen for main description at the top of the article, other languages should be used at the end of the article.
  • Anyone can add a disambiguation page leading to articles, in order to clear any ambiguity inferred by the use of different words for different things in different languages.
ie. Bride is a briddle in French, not a 'just-married woman'; journal is a newspaper, not a diary etc.


This is a summary/reorganisation of the proposals made to this day : see talk page - proposals for proposals and talk page - Questions to be answered for questions raised by the proposals.

please add any other examples you might see fit for these
type of subject policy example
animals, plants latin binomial Vulpes vulpes, 不"红狐"
music, art native Die Zauberflöte, not "The Magic Flute"
people native Jeanne d'Arc, 不"圣女贞德"¹
places native BreizhBretagne, 不"布列塔尼"
specialty foods native Cassoulet, Rösti
other free

¹ When using non-Latin scripts, such as Cyrillic, kindly provide as many redirects as you can think of. For instance Fyodor Dostoyevsky should point to Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский.


This definitely deserves a talk of its own, and I propose we discuss it on the vote page launched by Andre, ie. Commons talk:Images on normal pages or categories:Vote and state results of discussions here


  • 分类不能 进行重定向(包括从一个语言定向到其他语言)。