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[1]. Tiptoety talk 02:22, 7 October 2009 (UTC)


Heya mate, I couldn't tell if this comment was sarcasm or not; which means other users might have the same difficulty. Are you legitimately suggesting the Americans may have left others take their photographs and then stolen the credit (at Guantanamo, these files are all labeled as being taken by US Soldiers in the 19th SFG) - or pointing out the silliness of suggesting somebody else took them? It'd be great if you could clarify for us. Sherurcij (talk) 22:26, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

File moverEdit

The functionality of the template {{rename}} has recently changed. You might need to clear your cache to see the changes. If successful you should then be able to use the new "Quick adding" link in the template to instruct CommonsDelinker to replace the old name with the new name in all wikis. Please use that every time you rename a file. If further questions arise, feel free to write on my talk page --DieBuche (talk) 10:00, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Tip: Categorizing imagesEdit

Afrikaans | العربية | беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎ | català | čeština | dansk | Deutsch | Deutsch (Sie-Form)‎ | Ελληνικά | English | Esperanto | español | فارسی | suomi | français | galego | עברית | magyar | íslenska | italiano | 日本語 | ქართული | 한국어 | македонски | മലയാളം | Plattdüütsch | Nederlands | norsk | polski | português | português do Brasil | română | русский | slovenčina | slovenščina | српски / srpski | svenska | українська | Tiếng Việt | 中文 | 中文(简体)‎ | 中文(繁體)‎ | +/−

Hello, DragonflySixtyseven!

Thanks a lot for contributing to the Wikimedia Commons! Here's a tip to make your uploads more useful: Why not add some categories to describe them? This will help more people to find and use them.

Here's how:

1) If you're using the UploadWizard, you can add categories to each file when you describe it. Just click "more options" for the file and add the categories which make sense:

2) You can also pick the file from your list of uploads, edit the file description page, and manually add the category code at the end of the page.

[[Category:Category name]]

For example, if you are uploading a diagram showing the orbits of comets, you add the following code:

[[Category:Astronomical diagrams]]

This will make the diagram show up in the categories "Astronomical diagrams" and "Comets".

When picking categories, try to choose a specific category ("Astronomical diagrams") over a generic one ("Illustrations").

Thanks again for your uploads! More information about categorization can be found in Commons:Categories, and don't hesitate to leave a note on the help desk.

CategorizationBot (talk) 10:46, 26 January 2011 (UTC)

Unnnecessary movesEdit

Why move File:Kafka.jpg to File:Photo of Franz Kafka.jpg? I hope you are not going to put a "Photo of"-prefix in all photos on Commons. /Pieter Kuiper (talk) 00:37, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

I wanted to have a more immediately intuitive distinction between the files that were named Kafka.gif (his signature) and Kafka.jpg (his photo).
I've had generated for me a list of all the files whose names were 6 characters or less, and then had them dumped into subpages of my userspace. I've been going through them sporadically and doing renames to make things easier for people to understand and recognize; this also reduces the likelihood of people uploading new (and completely different) images with the same names (as happens more often than you'd think).
It's completely ridiculous that "MAM.jpg" was a picture of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro but "MAM.JPG" was a graph depicting the relative sales of Britney Spears vs Madonna. DS (talk) 16:00, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

Please check COM:RENAME#What_files_should_be_renamed? before you move files. Files like ^ and File:10000.png and File:Possum.gif and File:Brooms.jpg are valid names. You should also make sure to replace usage when you move files. If you use {{rename}} you should get a link you can copy to the CommonsDelinker page. --MGA73 (talk) 22:53, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
Ok I admit File:Possum.jpg would have been a better example that File:Possum.gif because the gif is a skin of a possum (or more). --MGA73 (talk) 23:10, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
Please keep the discussion here, instead of replying at my talk page. You seem to be moving all images with short names? If you do not stop such nonsense, I will propose that your filemover rights will be canceled. /Pieter Kuiper (talk) 23:31, 15 February 2011 (UTC)
a) Sorry, I typically respond to people on their pages instead of on mine.
b) Not all of them - just the ones that need it. DS (talk) 23:45, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

File mover rights removedEdit

Sorry to inform you that I found it needed to remove your file mover rights. You was told only to move files according to the COM:RENAME#What_files_should_be_renamed? but you insisted that we should also move files because you could find a better name [2]. I'm sure your names are better but it is NOT a valid reason to move. Also you do still not replace usage. --MGA73 (talk) 20:54, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

I made a comment on AN to inform other admins and make then review the case. --MGA73 (talk) 21:05, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

  Hello, DragonflySixtyseven. You have new messages at Jacklee's talk page.
You may remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

Asturianu | Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎ | Български | বাংলা | Català | Čeština | Deutsch | Deutsch (Sie-Form)‎ | English | Español | Suomi | Français | Galego | हिन्दी | Magyar | Italiano | 日本語 | ქართული | Македонски | മലയാളം | Plattdüütsch | Nederlands | Português | Română | Русский | Slovenščina | Svenska | Türkçe | 中文(简体)‎ | 中文(繁體)‎ | +/−


I have altered your proposed destination name for File:Hanoi.JPG. The postcard must have been made between 1902 and 1910. The issuer (Pierre Dieulefils) first produced postcards in 1902, and this particular card was (according to the cancellation stamp) mailed in 1910. Hope you are fine with that. Alfons Åberg (talk) 00:37, 21 April 2011 (UTC)

File:Two girls sitting on a sidewalk - 20090915.jpgEdit

Hi DragonflySixtyseven, you requested a rename of this file due to the fact that we do not know the sex of the one on the left. I assume you do not believe the description and will have your reasons.

However, I state that you also do not know the sex of the one on the right. You assume it is a girl due to clothing. However, you cannot proove it is not a boy with long hair in girls clothing. If we follow this logic, almost all boy/girl images need to be renamed to child, since there is no way to know, except for the description.

I conclude that we have nothing to rely on but the descripion and we either change all image names or none. I think changing none is the easier way, so I suggest we do not change the file name.

Sincerely, Taketa (talk) 08:49, 22 April 2011 (UTC)

I uploaded this file originally as File:Tomboy & Girly Girl.jpg, because I was specifically looking for pictures of a tomboy to illustrate nl:Tomboy. This query produces the image. I have no reason to doubt the sex of the alleged tomboy. Besides: at that age you cannot tell the difference, so it serves the illustrative purpose I originally intended quite well I think. I will revert your edit of the file description, because if it isn't a tomboy and a girly girl, the file would be pretty worthless. I also prefer the original, descriptive, title. Regards. Zanaq (talk) 17:54, 22 April 2011 (UTC)

Union Boat ClubEdit

Thanks for catching the rename. Suggestion that when a file is flagged for rename because it doesn't accurately describe the subject, make sure that it's also unlinked from files where it's an inaccurate illustration: e.g. [3] and [4]. Thanks. Tim Pierce (talk) 12:30, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

Unfortunate about the imagesEdit

I have emailed the author to see if permission has been given for this image. I see there are dozens of others that also need to be addressed. Sigh.--James Heilman, MD (talk) 02:28, 12 July 2011 (UTC)

Received a reply from the author and he requested that we remove it. Thanks --James Heilman, MD (talk) 14:17, 12 July 2011 (UTC)

Nom de l'image?Edit

En 2008, vous avez telechargé un image que vous aviez nommé "ELBA.JPG".

Pourquoi aviez-vous choisi ce nom, pourrais-je vous demander? Nous avons trois images qui s'identifient par ce tetragramme: Elba.jpg (l'ile d'Elba), Elba.JPG (le logo de la société Elba Modling), et... le votre (un radiophare de repérage d'urgence?!).

D'habitude, ceux et celles qui eurent choisi des noms paraissant illogiques et/ou loufoques ont laissé tomber le projet Wiki il y a longtemps. Mais vous, vous etes encore ici, et donc je peux vous demander:

de quoi pensiez-vous lorsque vous avez choisi ce nom? Merci. DS (talk) 13:15, 17 July 2011 (UTC)

Tous simplement une des abréviations aéronautiques de l'OACI: ELBA, Emergency Location Beacon Aircraft, Radiophare de repérage d'urgence avion. De plus fait attention a ce que vous marquez, vous me demandé pourquoi je suis toujours là comme illogiques et/ou loufoques depuis trois ans, illogiques et/ou loufoques ont laissé tomber le projet Wiki il y a longtemps. Mais vous, vous etes encore ici. --F1jmm (talk) 14:18, 17 July 2011 (UTC)
... ah, bien sur. Un initialisme, merci; cela fait du sens. En plus - je m'excuse si vous aviez perçu mon choix de mots comme un insulte. Notez scp que j'ai dit "des noms paraissant illogiques et/ou loufoques"; c'est bien possible que quelque chose peut paraitre illogique sans l'etre. Ce n'était pas mon intention de vous offusquer; encore un fois, je m'excuse. DS (talk) 14:29, 17 July 2011 (UTC)


Hi, your statement about copyright at File:Edward Elgar, writing (1931).jpg was mistaken - there is no evidence this image and others of Lambert that were published from 1923 on are in the public domain in the U.S., which we require per Commons:Licensing ("covered by a valid free license in both the U.S. and the country of origin of the work"). Being dead for 70 years is not automatically enough in the U.S. You can check Commons:Hirtle chart for more information. In the meantime I added a template about that to the image page. Hekerui (talk) 07:40, 28 July 2011 (UTC)

Your file movesEdit

Please do not revert my decisions on file moves without providing a better explanation for renaming. You have now done this with at least two files, and it has to stop, or I will escalate this issue. Stop forum shopping, as policy doesn't change based on who is handling the request. Logan Talk Contributions 19:01, 26 October 2011 (UTC)


[5] - Jelly is the name of potato variety. See file category and --Dezidor (talk) 15:52, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

File:1L rev.jpgEdit

Hi. I have renamed File:1L rev.jpg to File:Romanian 1-Leu bill (back).jpg. You asked "what is '1L" supposed to mean?" in your rename request. I believe the answer is "One Leu, reverse side".   — Jeff G. ツ 04:25, 10 January 2012 (UTC)


Hi, It is relief made by me, but now this file is unnecessary. --Szczepan talk 20:54, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

PS. I moved this file to File:Relief_made_by_szczepan1990.JPG.

File:AL Cover.jpgEdit

Hi, this file has been nominated for deletion despite the fact that it was created and uploaded (the book cover, not just the jpg) entirely by me, the author of the book.


James Greer

Dates on filename rename requestsEdit

Hi, may I suggest if you'd prefer ISO format for dates which is yyyy-mm-dd if possible? In no way is it an official standard here on commons but I think it may be a nice unofficial standard. Just a thought. Thanks. -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 23:14, 3 March 2012 (UTC)

Move requestsEdit

There is no use moving potential copyvios [6]. Cheers. Materialscientist (talk) 13:05, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

File rename templateEdit

Hi, the template has an additional parameter now. :) -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 18:00, 11 March 2012 (UTC)

The hell is that for? DS (talk) 18:06, 11 March 2012 (UTC)
To establish the criteria so you do not even need to type in a rationale. A value between 1 and 7 corresponding to the criteria. -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 18:08, 11 March 2012 (UTC)
Ugly, lacks transparency, assumes user is innately familiar with the criteria code and that all possible instances have been taken into account. Should have an option for "left blank; full criterion added instead". DS (talk) 18:10, 11 March 2012 (UTC)
Transparency? It links to the policy page. In the past it was mere text which was far worse not better. This way the rename action itself links to the policy for people reviewing. -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 18:13, 11 March 2012 (UTC)
Right. And the other comments? DS (talk) 18:15, 11 March 2012 (UTC)
They will still show. Parameter 2 used to be the comments, now parameter 2 expects a number as input corresponding to the criteria. Parameter 3 is for the comments like before. So instead of using it {{rename|Filename.ext|text}} it is {{rename|Filename.ext|3|text}}. -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 18:18, 11 March 2012 (UTC)
Why do you insist on not using the number parameter? -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 17:44, 12 March 2012 (UTC)
I am concerned about your wilful disregard of the new syntax and your failure to clean up your mistakes (as both evidenced in this edit), as well as what appears to be your insistence that "filename is too short" is a valid criterion (it emphatically is not). You are just making more work for other people, and thus disserving this project. Kindly cease and desist from such behavior forthwith.   — Jeff G. ツ 12:39, 31 March 2012 (UTC)
And now you refuse to supply a reason altogether. ([7]) Well, you obviously have a high opinion of your own importance, your highness. Could you please use correct syntax? Pretty please? Fleet Command (talk) 06:59, 5 April 2012 (UTC)

File:Rainy day.jpgEdit

I do not see a file. -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 16:33, 15 March 2012 (UTC)


I've declined a few of your file move requests. To me, something like 'an unidentified dragonfly on an igneous rock' sounds not much better (only longer) than 'dragonfly'. I would wait for identification. Regards. Materialscientist (talk) 13:52, 19 March 2012 (UTC)


You previously participated in a deletion discussion at Commons:Deletion requests/File:Rick Santorum - frothy Caricature.jpg. That image is now up for deletion, again, at Commons:Deletion requests/Santorum images. Cheers, -- Cirt (talk) 15:35, 30 March 2012 (UTC)


Rename request declined because the factual accuracy of the name is disputed and being discussed. The discussion seems inconclusive and the SVG version of the image seems tampered. Resolve the dispute first, then request rename. Fleet Command (talk) 04:56, 11 April 2012 (UTC)

RE:Template syntaxEdit

Hi DragonflySixtyseven, Thanks for information. --Moonik (talk) 14:36, 11 April 2012 (UTC)

File movesEdit

May I suggest you ask the uploader before correcting his/her rename requests like this. Some mass uploaders choose names for their classification purposes rather than by (your) logic, and they have all rights to do so. Materialscientist (talk) 08:04, 24 April 2012 (UTC)


I agree with Materialscientist, do not rename my sugestions. Cheers. DenesFeri (talk) 08:07, 24 April 2012 (UTC)

Mass deletion requestsEdit

Hello, I saw you've nominated multiple files uploaded by Gladys aya for deletion. I am not sure how many time you invested in doing so, but there is a faster and better solution: VisualFileChange. It also gives you an overview of the user's uploads and files already tagged for deletion.

A mass deletion requests helps the administrator closing the request and also keeping discussion at one place. Just for future considerations. If you have question regarding to this tool, don't hesitate to ask me. Regards -- RE rillke questions? 11:38, 1 May 2012 (UTC)

Filemove criteria #Edit

When you do these move requests you need to include the criteria number; see Commons:File renaming#Which files should be renamed?. Example: {{rename|Giorgio Scarso (2010).jpg|criteria # here|there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have the title "presidente". This one isn't even a politician. The filename is worthless.}}

On each of your move requests it says You need to input a value between 1 and 7 which corresponds to the file renaming criteria in big red text. Why wouldn't you do it anyways? It makes the process easier. Everyone else does. INeverCry 22:37, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
Calling me an idiot is a personal attack. I'm simply asking you to complete the renaming template with the corresponding criteria number. INeverCry 23:18, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
When there's no number, I have to delete the "no valid number" notice before making the move. If you put in a number, I just click move and confirm and it's done. Why can't you type in 1 simple number? INeverCry 23:32, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
One more question: why does it say You need to input a value between 1 and 7 which corresponds to the file renaming criteria in big red text on the move request template if that's not necessary? INeverCry 23:35, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
The proper procedure is to input a number, which is why the template warns you in big red letters to do so. Why should I or any other filemover have to do an extra step because you refuse to fill the template in completely?? INeverCry 23:39, 8 June 2012 (UTC)

DS, I suppose you don't write your edit summaries in full caps and red font, even though they are just an attachment to the edit. Same here. We have to cope with that bloody template. It is very easy to adjust and use it so that it leaves a neat edit summary. This summary is copied from the output (not input) of the rename template and is quoted by the CommonsDelinker bot for every substituted file, on nearly every wikiproject, in many thousands of watchlists and logs. Regards. Materialscientist (talk) 23:42, 8 June 2012 (UTC)

So I'm adjusting the template, then. DS (talk) 23:46, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
Thanks. Most of your renaming suggestions are rather constructive. To understand why I decline some minor ones, see also Although someone marked it as "resolved fixed", there is no evidence of this yet. Some images simply disappear during renaming. Materialscientist (talk) 00:01, 9 June 2012 (UTC)
The template requires a numerical value. You should input one. My intelligence is a personal consideration, and has no place in a discussion. INeverCry 00:32, 9 June 2012 (UTC)

The requied numeric parameter must be a real integer between 1 and 7. 0 is not between 1 and 7.[8]   — Jeff G. ツ 12:47, 12 June 2012 (UTC)

Mm, no. I spoke with White Cat (who is the one who wrote the current version of the template). 0 is acceptable. DS (talk) 12:54, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
Exactly what date/time/timezone was that conversation, and where?   — Jeff G. ツ 13:43, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
It was on #wikimedia-commons, where you idle. It should still be in your scrollback. DS (talk) 13:49, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
I am not the authority on the matter. IMHO users should be recommended to use a number between 1-7 not required (there is no consensus for such a thing at this time). I was asked to add a parameter 0 for optional reasons. In my view not using a number between 1-7 puts unneeded stress on file movers as it makes them waste time to determine users intent. Not everyone uses a rename rationale in a clear manner. This is why I feel numbers would help everyone. Numbers are also language independent as the file mover or requester may not necessarily know English and template can be auto translated. -- とある白い猫 ちぃ? 15:10, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
I am attempting to establish a consensus at Commons talk:File renaming#Require_a_numeric_reason_parameter_.232_in_the_range_1-7_for_Template:Rename.   — Jeff G. ツ 19:32, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
That's pretty rash of you, assuming my scrollback extends longer than three days.   — Jeff G. ツ 20:15, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
Oops. Mea culpa, then. (Although -commons isn't the most talkative of channels, and conversations can remain visible for hours or days...) DS (talk) 20:17, 12 June 2012 (UTC)


Hi. Look at this. Rzuwig 09:30, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

File:1889 French elections Poster for antisemitic candidate Adolf Willette.jpgEdit

Actually, his name often appears in contemporaneous non-French-language sources as "Adolf"... AnonMoos (talk) 15:39, 8 August 2012 (UTC)

A barnstar for you!Edit

  The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
Thanks for nominating loads of files for renaming. Some people might have problem with the reasons you give but honestly I enjoy your sense of humour. I know proposing a new name for a file (of unaccustomed subject area) takes a good amount of efforts and I applaud you for this. Keep it up! —Bill william comptonTalk 16:42, 15 August 2012 (UTC)
You are excellent making your file moving reasons fitting the policy. This must be extremely tedious but is very helpful. -- Rillke(q?) 20:29, 11 September 2012 (UTC)

Rename requestsEdit

Hello, thank you for your contributions but please only make requests that comply with the criteria at Commons:File renaming. Please do not make custom reasons saying like "this is not the logo of Association of Muslim Schools" specially when it says nowhere on the pare that it is used for the Association of Muslim Schools. It says clearly in the description the use of the image is used by "Adria Media Serbia doo". Thank you, Riley Huntley (talk) 01:44, 13 September 2012 (UTC)

"AMS" could just as easily apply to the Association of Muslim Schools as to Adria Media Serbia. I use valid reasons and am not obliged to limit myself to the pre-made form. If you don't like my rename reasons, you're not obliged to use them; however, they need to be done. DS (talk) 01:47, 13 September 2012 (UTC)
Yes it could easily apply but it states in the description the company name. Let's use File:Ealogo.svg as an example, are you saying I should move it to because it does not say Electronic Arts logo in the file name? I understand where you are coming from but I don't think it is the best option. Now with File:Linde Friedrich - фрагмент из "Списков учеников Петришуле 1863-1912 год".JPG you used file renaming criterion #2, the file name is not completely meaningless, it is just in a different language, the same language the image is in. Remember, Commons is a "media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, in their own language." Riley Huntley (talk) 02:02, 13 September 2012 (UTC)
I made no such assertion, or in fact any assertion, regarding the Linde Friedrich file. I'm fully aware of the existence of multiple languages, and I frequently supply new names in the language used by the uploader if at all possible. What are you talking about? DS (talk) 02:04, 13 September 2012 (UTC)
Excuse my mistake, I must have misread the request. Anyways, please respond about my first comments. Riley Huntley (talk) 02:07, 13 September 2012 (UTC)
If we have two distinct organizations whose initials are both "EA", and they have both uploaded their logos with filenames that are essentially 'EA Logo', then yes, we should rename them both so as to eliminate the risk of confusion. Optimize human usability. Consider the principle of least astonishment. DS (talk) 02:16, 13 September 2012 (UTC)
May I remind you about Commons_talk:File_renaming#Policy_on_very_short_filenames. Your opinion is in the minority, and more importantly, against policy. Sven Manguard Wha? 02:19, 13 September 2012 (UTC)

Rename requests 2Edit

Hello, When you do these move requests you need to include the criteria number; see Commons:File renaming#Which files should be renamed?. Greetings--Steinsplitter (talk) 14:14, 1 November 2012 (UTC)

The template requires a numerical value. You should input one. Why do not you do that? It makes the process easier. Everyone else does.--Steinsplitter (talk) 14:28, 1 November 2012 (UTC)
I speak only a little English. I did not understand, sorry:
I should hope that such users would not choose to implement renamings based solely on numbers, without first verifying that the numerically-designated rationale actually applies. Remember, when you read a numerically-designated rationale, you must first mentally convert it into its human-comprehensible value, and then verify that the rationale actually applies. In other words, you are suggesting the following two-user process: A) "devise rationale", B) "determine appropriate numeric designation for rationale", C) "submit numeric designation", D) "read numeric rationale", E), "mentally convert numeric designation into human-parseable rationale", F) "verify that rationale applies", G) "implement rename". However, I feel that the following two-user process is more efficient and a better use of my time: A) "devise rationale", B)"submit rationale", C) "read rationale", D) "verify that rationale applies", E) "implement rename". My rationales are valid; if you do not feel capable of implementing them without first encoding, and then decoding, the rationales, feel free to either encode and decode them yourself, or to leave them for someone else to do.

--Steinsplitter (talk) 15:07, 1 November 2012 (UTC)

File:Stemma della famiglia Rothschild.jpgEdit

This is the family's shield, I see no reason why it should be renamed because it is not an image of one of the family members. IMO this rename was unnecessary, and does not comply with any of the rename criteria. Savhñ 18:15, 9 December 2012 (UTC)

Simply saying "Rothschild" could be anything from someone named Rothschild, to one of the Rothschild estates, to a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild. Needless to say, I strongly disagree with your opinion. DS (talk) 18:37, 9 December 2012 (UTC)

Filemove questionedEdit

Hi DS. Another editor has asked me to undo a filemove I did at your request: User talk:INeverCry#File rename. INeverCry 03:27, 23 January 2013 (UTC)

Editor @ ar.wikiEdit

Hello. I would like to inform you that I have granted you editor flag at the Arabic Wikipedia, all your edits there will be automatically marked as patrolled. Best regards.--Avocato (talk) 07:38, 6 December 2013 (UTC)



I've seen your rename : George --> George de Jotival. Ok, but it's not Jotival but Jolival. Please, correct your mistakes. Ludo (talk) 15:12, 13 January 2014 (UTC)

renaming photosEdit

Hi Dragon,

I'll just ask that you not rename files that I upload, basing your renaming on your assumptions or quick research. I'm not really complaining here about your actions, just saying that precision in filenaming isn't that important, doesn't seem to supported by policy, and does cause a few knock-on problems. I'd just like to stop folks from quickly renaming files because they think they know the subject better than the photographer - at least for files I upload.

Another editor (sorry to complain about somebody else!) renamed a couple of my files that were named by the exact address of the buildings I photographed, saying that the names were meaningless. What could be more meaningful than the address?

Your change was not anywhere near as bad. My name was Bob Morris Indy Mall.JPG for a statue of Robert Morris near Independence Mall (with an M) in Philadelphia. You changed the name to File:Statue of Robert Morris (by Paul Wayland Bartlett) in front of Independence Hall, Philadelphia.jpg . Actually it's not there either. Rather Independence Mall describes a general area (usually) but is specifically right in front of Independence Hall and runs for several blocks north. The statue is a block and a half behind (southeast of) Independence Hall. So in a general way, the original filename was more correct (though if taken literally incorrect) and your name is specifically incorrect. In short, I don't believe that filenames need to be precise and that your change didn't improve the precision.

Even shorter, please just trust the photographer's choice of filename (at least for my photos), unless they are complete nonsense.

Any help would be appreciated. There's no need to change the name back.

Sincerely, Smallbones (talk) 21:44, 15 January 2014 (UTC)

No, I must thank you for your politeness and reasonable approach. I was a bit irritated at several small things today (and took it out on you), and I'm still irritated at that OTHER guy would doesn't understand the meaningfulness of street addresses. In any case, I like short file names packed with information, but that means that they're not always precise or understandable to folks not familiar with the subject. I just hope that we don't get detailed guidelines on how to name files. It could just cause havoc.
Thanks again!
Smallbones (talk) 03:40, 16 January 2014 (UTC)

Can we mark your request Commons:Graphic_Lab/Photography_workshop#King_Oscar_I_of_Sweden as Done? --Goran tek-en (talk) 14:32, 16 January 2014 (UTC)

Request: Category:Encyclopédie audiovisuelle de l'art contemporainEdit

You have this request Commons:Graphic_Lab/Photography_workshop#Category:Encyclop.C3.A9die_audiovisuelle_de_l.27art_contemporain which has been without any action for some time. Can it be archived? --Goran tek-en (talk) 19:15, 17 January 2014 (UTC)

File:Aaron Goodrich, Minnesota Supreme Court.gifEdit

File:Aaron Goodrich, Minnesota Supreme Court.gif has been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the community can discuss whether it should be kept or not. We would appreciate it if you could go to voice your opinion about this at its entry.

If you created this file, please note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion does not necessarily mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It simply means that one person believes that there is some specific problem with it, such as a copyright issue.

Please remember to respond to and – if appropriate – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will not affect the result of the nomination. Thank you!

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Trlkly (talk) 23:20, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

Thank youEdit

Je suis entièrement stupide de ne pas avoir compris plus tôt ce que vous expliquez si simplement : merci et toutes mes excuses. this is just so that you can avoid making this mistake next time : I'll try... User talk:Michel-georges bernard 5 mai 2014, 12h15


Hi! I uploaded these images as part of transferring a CC-licenced Flickr set containing some good photos taken in Budapest. I know filenames have to be meaningful so I will add categories and request their renaming this day after identifying. Einstein2 (talk) 14:09, 10 May 2014 (UTC)

I appreciate your effort ...Edit

... in trying to make the title of this image more precise: File:Statue_of_Robert_Morris_(by_Paul_Wayland_Bartlett)_in_front_of_Independence_Hall,_Philadelphia.jpg but in the process you created a funny blooper for us Philadelphians. Independence Mall is a 3-block park directly in front of (north of) Independence Hall. The Morris statue is about 500 feet SE of Independence Hall, still in Independence National Historical Park but not on Independence Mall. (So the original poster had it wrong.) The building in the background is the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at 420 Walnut Street.
I think a good title for the image would be: File:Statue_of_Robert_Morris_(by_Paul_Wayland_Bartlett)_Independence_National_Historical_Park.jpg
Best wishes, == BoringHistoryGuy (talk) 14:15, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

I just noticed User:Smallbones made the same point, above. I'm going to go ahead and request a name change for the image. == BoringHistoryGuy (talk) 14:32, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

Large Misspelling group. Univeristy to UniversityEdit

There are 188 entries in the commons where the title has University misspelled as Univeristy (flipped i/s). Since university is not a proper noun (though it appears to be part of one in most cases for example File:Thapar Univeristy Directorate.jpg) I'm not sure if reason 5 applies and/or whether these should be moved. I'd like your advice. I can go through and mark them individually, but they can be seen at . Thank You. Naraht (talk) 16:45, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

I have to askEdit

Who calls Michael Heseltine "Hezza"? -mattbuck (Talk) 08:38, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

The British media! [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] and lots more. DS (talk) 12:32, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

File:Bushnell cartoon on Versailles conference (May 1919).jpgEdit

Hi. FYI, the description on this one got garbled during uploading. You left IRC before I got back to you, but the Creator templates are on, and I'm switching the pre-1923 ones to use the 'auto' version of the PD template. Revent (talk) 04:00, 11 December 2014 (UTC)

File:"A Bacchante", by Julia Margaret Cameron (1867).JPGEdit

File:"A Bacchante", by Julia Margaret Cameron (1867).JPG has been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the community can discuss whether it should be kept or not. We would appreciate it if you could go to voice your opinion about this at its entry.

If you created this file, please note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion does not necessarily mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It simply means that one person believes that there is some specific problem with it, such as a copyright issue.

Please remember to respond to and – if appropriate – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will not affect the result of the nomination. Thank you!

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Awhiteside (talk) 16:13, 4 March 2015 (UTC)

This was a mistake! Can I simply erase it?

Very sorry!Edit

Hi! I am a new contributor and just uploaded A Bacchante by Julia Margaret Cameron (from Getty Open Images) to see how it works -- realizing belatedly that this image was already here. As I tried to figure out how to delete it, I accidentally filled out the Nominate for deletion form for your file instead of my own -- I am EXTREMELY sorry and can't figure out how to undo this mistake. The image you uploaded is higher quality and has more complete information; I meant only to delete the one I uploaded! I added a note to the Talk page of the file you uploaded to try to clarify. If there is further action I can take to undo the error please advise.

File:European Rugby Champions Cup Trophy.svgEdit

Sorry, I've done an error. Can you return the old name? --CortoFrancese (talk) 21:16, 13 March 2015 (UTC)

You're extremely RudeEdit

for renaming my picture with the comment, "this is not me (thank god)"

You work extremely hardEdit

"Etli yaprak sarma" and yogurt sauce from the Turkish cuisine.


Why did you rename the File:File:Armissan, Église Saint-Pierre.jpg to File:Armissan, Église Saint-Etienne.jpg? For the Uploader prerequisite was the name on the website clochers de france: [15]. Greetings Zugriff (talk) 10:21, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

I renamed it in accordance with this diff; if the diff was in error, then I was in error. Talk to the other person. DS (talk) 12:03, 28 June 2015 (UTC)

Needless snark when disambiguating file namesEdit

Please use a more neutral edit summary when moving files. You have done the following styles of summary:

  • Barbet.png -- "this is not USS Barbet"
  • Sorsa.png -- "what is Sorsa supposed to mean?"
  • Blades.png -- "there are multiple meanings to 'blades', the filename is worthless"

First one implies that "Barbet" by default refers to an USA ship, instead of a breed/type of dog, and also implies that the file name would have been fine if it was the ship--which is not true, since all files need a sufficiently descriptive name. Second one adds nothing of value to the summary, only expresses that you personally do not know the word. Third one would be fine but calling the filename worthless is unneeded and can make the other person feel offended. These types of summary can rub people the wrong way. I suggest you use a more neutral and informative content in the future when renaming files. Something like "disambiguating file name" or "more descriptive file name" or "filenames of organisms should feature the scientific name" can be copy-pasted and will save you from needing to type the entire summary each time; they will feel less prickly in case the uploader was a new user, and regardless of who's looking at the move summary, will spread knowledge of community standards for filenames. --Pitke (talk) 12:10, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

I would echo that. When I see your edit summaries in my watchlist, they really come across as sarcastic. Jonathunder (talk) 03:36, 3 June 2017 (UTC)
I've been told, by very angry people, that "more descriptive" is an unacceptable rationale. DS (talk) 03:43, 3 June 2017 (UTC)
It probably is. If it's difficult to write a clear and non-sarcastic reason for the move, there may not be one. Jonathunder (talk) 03:50, 3 June 2017 (UTC)

Problem with Jasmar CassarEdit

Hello DragonflySixtyseven,

I saw the problem with the Jasmar Cassar article and the message on your talk page. This information might help JeanMarion understand that it's a scam (perhaps it could be posted on the article's talk page):

Jasmar Cassar won the Akademia award for BEST MUSIC VIDEO in the POP category in July 2016, which is supported by this official Akademia page. However, notice that two other artists won the same award in the same month: [16] and [17].

As you know, a serious music awards competition doesn't do that. Nevertheless, although this proves that The Akademia is not a serious company (and it lacks notability by Wikipedia's standards, as there is no significant coverage in reliable independent sources), it doesn't prove it's a scam. Here's probably the easiest way to prove to others on Wikipedia that The Akademia is a scam:

If you google "Now hold on to your chair. We recently met with the program directors" (with quotation marks), you'll find that The Akademia has sent a copied and pasted email to all of the "winners", stating the following:

"Now hold on to your chair. We recently met with the program directors from several Berkshire Media Group radio stations..." [18], [19], [20], etc. However, the only Berkshire Media Group in the world merely publishes newspapers in Berkshire, England: [21]. They do not own radio stations. So that's proof that the radio stations mentioned by The Akademia do not exist. They are just websites pretending to be Internet radio stations.

But The Akademia made another critical mistake. In their spin reports, such as this one, at the bottom of the page they assert the following: "Berkshire Media Group and other radio station networks use proprietary spin tracking systems whose data forms the basis for this consolidated report." Again, that's impossible. The only Berkshire Media Group in the world does not deal with music. The spin reports are a lie. Some hardcore believers in The Akademia might point to this article (or almost identical versions in unreliable sources) to claim that there is another Berkshire Media Group, but notice that the link I provided is from the official website of the music band Millennium. It's no coincidence that the founders of The Akademia (Anwar Najmi and his wife Roujeanne) are also founding (and current) members of the band Millennium (in which Anwar is known as Stryker, and Roujeanne is known as Sapphire). That connection can be found all over the Internet, including here. So they used their own band's website to spread false information about a different non-existent Berkshire Media Group, to deceive musicians and scam them.

I hope this information is useful in case you run into similar problems in the future. There are many ways to prove that The Akademia is a scam, as you know, but as I said, I think the Berkshire Media Group problem is the easiest way to expose this financial crime on talk pages. All the best... Dontreader (talk) 23:59, 16 February 2017 (UTC)

Reminder: Round 2 of Picture of the Year 2016 is open!Edit

You are receiving this message because you voted in R1 of the 2016 Picture of the Year contest.

Dear DragonflySixtyseven,

Wikimedia Commons is happy to announce that the second round of the 2016 Picture of the Year competition is now open. This year will be the eleventh edition of the annual Wikimedia Commons photo competition, which recognizes exceptional contributions by users on Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia users are invited to vote for their favorite images featured on Commons during the last year (2016) to produce a single Picture of the Year.

Hundreds of images that have been rated Featured Pictures by the international Wikimedia Commons community in the past year were entered in this competition. These images include professional animal and plant shots, breathtaking panoramas and skylines, restorations of historical images, photographs portraying the world's best architecture, impressive human portraits, and so much more.

There are two total rounds of voting. In the first round, you voted for as many images as you liked. In Round 1, there were 1475 candidate images. There are 58 finalists in Round 2, comprised of the top 30 overall as well as the top #1 and #2 from each sub-category.

In the final round, you may vote for just one or maximal three image to become the Picture of the Year.

Round 2 will end on 20 April 2017, 23:59:59 UTC.

Click here to vote »

--Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year committee 08:41, 16 April 2017 (UTC)

File source is not properly indicated: File:Daniel A. Dickinson (Minnesota Supreme Court).gifEdit

العربية | asturianu | беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎ | বাংলা | català | čeština | dansk | Deutsch | Ελληνικά | English | español | euskara | فارسی | suomi | français | galego | עברית | magyar | italiano | 日本語 | 한국어 | македонски | മലയാളം | Plattdüütsch | Nederlands | norsk nynorsk | norsk | polski | português | português do Brasil | русский | sicilianu | slovenčina | slovenščina | svenska | ไทย | Türkçe | українська | Tiếng Việt | 中文(简体)‎ | 中文(繁體)‎ | +/−
This media may be deleted.
A file that you have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, File:Daniel A. Dickinson (Minnesota Supreme Court).gif, is missing information about where it comes from or who created it, which is needed to verify its copyright status. Please edit the file description and add the missing information, or the file may be deleted.

If you created the content yourself, enter {{own}} as the source. If you did not add a licensing template, you must add one. You may use, for example, {{self|GFDL|cc-by-sa-all}} or {{Cc-zero}} to release certain rights to your work.

If someone else created the content, or if it is based on someone else's work, the source should be the address to the web page where you found it, the name and ISBN of the book you scanned it from, or similar. You should also name the author, provide verifiable information to show that the content is in the public domain or has been published under a free license by its author, and add an appropriate template identifying the public domain or licensing status, if you have not already done so.

Please add the required information for this and other files you have uploaded before adding more files. If you need assistance, please ask at the help desk. Thank you!

NightFighter 09:11, 17 May 2017 (UTC)

File Renaming - here: File:Efmo prairie 2005.jpgEdit

Hi, please don't rename files build after this name scheme. All units of the National Park Service operate under four letter abbreviations because many if not most of the names are too long for practical use. Her you changed File:Efmo prairie 2005.jpg to File:Prairie in Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa (2005).jpg which can be handled, but only by copy and paste. Do you wish to use the full name in every file connected with en:National Japanese American Memorial To Patriotism During World War II? So please, the abbreviations are there for a reason. rdgs --h-stt !? 13:22, 6 June 2017 (UTC)

Dudley SutphinEdit

Thanks for the correction. Roseohioresident (talk) 19:53, 29 July 2017 (UTC)

Autocaricatura di Pino RucherEdit

  I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so:
I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

Alessandroferri (talk) 18:43, 24 November 2017 (UTC)

More articles with Akademia awardsEdit

Hi Dragonfly,

This might not be a complete list, but I did find more articles on Wikipedia with Akademia awards. I challenged the owner of The Akademia to come to Wikipedia and defend his company, but he's not stupid; he would get annihilated publicly, and he knows it. I would really appreciate your help again getting this content removed since I don't want to beg the Arbitration Committee to allow me back on Wikipedia. Many thanks in advance.

And I will nominate this file for deletion immediately here on Commons because it's a copyright violation: File:Leo_won_Akademia_Music_Awards.jpg

All the best,

Dontreader (talk) 06:14, 22 March 2018 (UTC)

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